About Us

Our top priority is to leave each client with a project that inspires, functions well, and meets budget.

Inspiration: The natural world is full of endless beauty and inspiration, yet we spend most of our lives within the built environment. It is important that our homes, workplaces, institutions and urban environments are  stimulating and uplifting as well. Just as the great outdoors can heal our psyche, great design can too.

Function: If well designed, our routines, processes and habits shape our buildings and not vice-versa. It is important to not merely repeat standard planning without questioning how we might improve or be different.

Budget: A construction project may be one of your largest investments. As such, it is normal to make compromises during the design phase, and we routinely devise ideas and insights to save money while recognizing what is important to the overall project.








Project Types

Residential: Residential architecture is about lifestyle. It should respond to you, your habits, how you want to raise your family, how you like to entertain guests, and how you rejuvenate at the end of the day. We consider it a privilege to work with you to incorporate your personality into a great design that expresses what makes you unique.

Commercial & Cultural: Commercial and Cultural architecture reinforces the aspirations of your business or organization, and communicates that to your employees, customers, congregation or constituents. Good design helps grow your business or entity to what you want it to be.

Urban Character: While our overall image of a city comes from its skyline or recognizable monuments, our true experience & enjoyment of the city comes from our perceptions at the street level, as pedestrians, commuters or drivers. Goodspeed Architecture has worked with developers, architects & communities to improve such design through consulting, independent projects, advocacy, education & exhibits.



Jim Goodspeed is an architect with 22 years of experience working on a variety of project types including residential, commercial, institutional, office, housing and more. He has worked in the studios of world renowned architects such as Daniel Libeskind and Tom Kundig, designing projects in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Calgary, Berlin, and London.

He is active in the community – currently as a board member of the South Lake Union Community Council, and has served on committees for the Lake to Bay trail, the Denny Substation, and the Uptown and South Lake Union planning efforts. He is also a writer and docent for the Seattle Architecture Foundation.